Chicago May 2017

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Round 2 of Lone Star Drift

I crashed and lost my first battle. Some how moved from 15th to 8th place in the series. I guess driver didn’t make it out for this round. 
My goal was to finish the series in the top 8 but seeing how my car needs lots of repairs, is not sure what I’ll do. 

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I’ve been an “asshole” towards these event. Not wanting to drive in a parking lot, saying all the cars sucks and etc. This year, i just want to be positive and civilized with everyone at events, even if their style isnt mine. I guess this is growing up.


Round 1 is always in Houston so its an easier event to get to and drive in. This time, I decided to compete in TXSL. My logic was that if I crash, the car is getting painting later this year and everything will be fixed then. The car was running very well and I went for it.


I won my first 2 battles and lost my 3rd. There were 25 or so drivers and I thought I made it to the top 8 but since I didnt have a ranking from last year, my first battle was to get into the top 32 bracket. Im standing 15th in rankings but I’ve got the itch to compete and will do my best to get to all the events I can. Its a very strange feeling but also exciting!


Justin has stopped drifting and picked up a camera recently. He snapped a lot of photos of me throughout the event and Ive been posting on my IG alot, treating my posts on IG as little blog posts. Just trying to have the positive vibes flow this year since last year wasnt as fun.



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2 years of R32 Ownership!














Time to play catch up….


Last time we were prepping for NOLA. That event was cool but the turbo that I had on the car was shitty. Sold it and replaced it with a RB25 Series 2 turbo rebuilt by Pure Turbos.  Also when we were driving back from NOLA, one of the Zestino fronts blew out on me. Nothing too bad but I went back to Falken 615K’s.


I had Damon do some photoshop to my car to see what wheels i wanted to get.I didnt want to mess with the rear fenders on the car but said fuck it and got them pulled a bit. Sold all the Blitz 03’s and bought new wheels since I bit the bullet to get the fenders done.

Tried to work on my car but someone ran into the garage. No damage so we were ok!



Finally went drifting this year, car is much better! Just need to tune and clean up some stuff. I have the set of white LMGT4’s that need to sell then Ill use money to paint the car.





And today wraps up the 2nd year of ownership of the R32. This year’s goal is to clean things up and make the car NICE.




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Gone but not forgotten

Just logged on, saw that some friends found my blog so I went to read theirs and I’m really impressed and inspired by them. 
Thank you guys! I’ll make a post soon!

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3 Year Anniversary

Ive had this blog for 3 years! Thats impressive!

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NOLA Weeknd Prep

The guys and I decided we wanted to drive a drift event in New Orleans because they have a kart track. So I ordered a bunch of parts and spent Saturday and Sunday at Jake’s working on my car because he has a huge shop with 2 lifts at his house……yes, at his house! 

Justin took a bunch of random pictures for me while I was busy working. My plan was to add angle to the car but when I removed the tie rod boots, the previous owner from Japan already had Tien spacers on there so it was pointless. 
I added TF Works outter tie rods, Tie Inners and Voodoo13 Tension Arms. We will see how this feels for NOLA. 

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