And another S13….


Came across a deal for a virgin 1989 S13 hatch in red with Sunroof. Scooped it up and now i have a clean slate for a S13 build.



Towed it home and parked it next to my other S13. The white car will be parted out once again. Only reason im doing this is that I dont have to deal with some of the mistakes I made and left on the white car along with the changes the previous owner did to the white car as well.

Damon and I have already put our spreadsheet powers together and got a plan for this car. Should be a really boring car when Im done.

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Back in my Possession




Ok I decided to try to update the blog again. I have having trouble with Photobucket and things but I think i have figured it out.


I got the car back from paint. Still took longer than the last deadline and the car will need to go back to get detailed once again. But for the time being, its in my garage. Here are a bunch of pictures I got from the painter when he was getting it painted and when I picked it up.



Got it home and threw on the aero. Car looked solid and I’m not worried about how everything was going to flow together.



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2017 Year End

Driving wise….it sucked TBH.

But the time spent not driving, I hung out with friends and it was amazing.

The R32 is finally getting painting. I’m ready to drive more often regardless if it’s the R32 or the S13.

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SR20DET Refresh

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks or so, cleaning up the SR at work. Coming in early, using my lunch time, and any time it has been slow to get little stuff done here and there. My last post showed how I received the motor. Here are some pictures of stages of my refreshments.

I removed the gearbox hoping for an aftermarket clutch but it was just a burnt stock unit.


The importer gave me a “30 days start up warrenty” so i have 30 days AFTER i get the motor starter that if anything goes wrong, then I can return it so i wasnt too worried about checking out the motor in much detail when I was inspecting it at the importer. It had great compression and looked to be all there so I took it. I dropped the motor off at my work so I could tinker with it every so often and not have to go to my garage after work. I cracked open the valve cover and found these…

HKS CAMS!!!!!! Pretty stoked on these. 256 cams so the motor wasnt all that stock!

I removed all the accessories and cleaned up the motor. I ordered a complete gasket kit but didnt want to removed the intake manifold since I thought I could get it cleaned pretty well.

After degreasing it and cleaning it up, i wasnt too happy so I decided to paint the block and intake manifold. All of the bracket I sand blasted and repainted black. The PS pulley was dented so I ordered a pulley set and got those installed. Water pump seems to be new so I dropped in a Nismo Thermostat.

As for power, the TD06 was really tempting but I stuck with a S15 BB turbo, Power FC and 550CC STi Injectors. Shooting for 300HP and keep things reliable. Since Im drifting this car in Texas, cooling is my main concern. Oil cooler with the Tomei N2 oil block paired with the GREX Thermostatic oil filter relocation should help oil temps stay cooler. S14/15 oil pick up was also upgraded. Koyo Radiator will be ordered and probably a RB25 fan or maybe a GK tech one.

Found a good deal on a PBM Cobra Downpipe here on Zilvia so i snagged it up.

Still needing to get a few little things like replacing the rear main seal, clutch, turbo lines and intake. Should have some cool updates over the next couple of months when the car returns from paint, removing the RB and installing the SR.



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Ok so I crunched the numbers and not the bullet. I bought a S13 SR20DET Blacktop. 

My set of TE’s showed up. Went with 18×9.5 +12 since I couldn’t find 10.5’s. I’ll have to run a spacer to fill out the over fenders. 

Been cleaning up the motor and ordering parts. Should be fairly simple. Motor came with HKS cams and ARC oil pan. Sold off the T25 and got a T28. Adding lots of cooling mods and trying to make 300HP with fast response. 

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Bought some stuff, had to make some choices. 

At FB3, I road in Sebastian R32. S-Chassis Suspension and SR20. It felt very light in drift and snappy. It blew me away. 

I was really wanting this after leaving but I have just retuned the RB20 for 300PS at about 1 bar. I still haven’t driven a event in the tune and I want to drive a full season since I haven’t really in the past 2 years. 

So I spent my money on aero and wheels lol 
I ordered a BN sports hood and bought BN style fenders. 

With the rear over fenders, the car is transforming into a more outlandish build. It’s not street style that much, more D1SL?

I hope it turns out well. I have decided to hang my wheel set up from 17/17 to 17/18. 

I’ve elected to go with a 18×9.5 +12 TE37 along with a 10mm spacer in order to fill out the fenders. 18×10.5 +15 fits pretty much perfect but I would have to run a tire size that would possibly causes uses with other components of the car. 

Body work and paint are in full motion right now so I am hoping to have the car back to do 1 event before the year ends. After that, I need to check the health of the motor to make sure that it will last a full season or if I need to figure out a new power plant. 

This is my current inspiration for the R32. 

But also at the same time, this is a possibility (only with the blessing of JR) 

But for this, my driving would have to reflect the style of the car and right now, I don’t believe it does. 

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Final Final Bout

It was 2 years since I had been back to a Final Bout and I defiantly can tell that I needed it. 

I always come back from FB with more positivity. I guess I begin to get into a rut after a while and it’s not good. I become toxic. 

I’m just trying to ride the high and keep being better. Learn lessons from my mentors. 

Final Bout was more than cars to me. It was friendships. Living out ideas I’ve had for a very long time. It was inspiration. It was a dream. 

I will never be able to repay those who created the event. But I can strive to continue the passion that it created. 

I’m ready to just be at peace with cars right now. No internet BS, no negative feelings, no rude comments. No bad blood if we share the same passions. 

Made some new friends which excited me for next year. I would like to have a solid drift season again. One for the record books. Let’s see if we can carry each other to the finish line of that goal. 


Final Bout will live in all of us. It’s our turn to carry the torch. 

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